Dorian is the young prodigy that came to Oasis as a job-study from one of the local High Schools. Five years later, Dorian has polished his style and is building his clientele around solid dynamic custom artwork and  good communication. Check out his work and contact him here ...

Jamie Edwards Oasis Tattoo Company Dayton, Oh

Oasis Tattoo Artists:

Jamie Edwards 

By appointment

Oasis Tattoo Company is a small tattoo shop near WPAFB, Beavercreek and Huber Heights, in the heart of Dayton, Ohio, and is a collaboration of like-minded tattoo artists dedicated to giving our tattoo clients the best customer service in the business.

Our tattoo shop's goal is to simply provide you with the best tattoo experience possible by listening to your ideas, offering our best professional advice, and delivering custom tattooing that expresses your individuality. Choose Oasis Tattoo Company and you will get a tattoo you will be proud to show off to your friends for the rest of your life.                

Dorian Desilva


- Complete comprehensive classes on Infection Control, Bloodborne Pathogens Training, First Aid & CPR

- Have been trained in a formal apprenticeship and has abundant experience to help you design your next tattoo

- Are artists first and foremost 

- Adhere to all Ohio and Montgomery County BOH regulations for Tattooing

- Are Clean and Friendly      

- Are Licensed by the Montgomery County Board of Health         

- Listen to the goals you have for your tattoo and offer options

- Are helpful and professional

- Are waiting to talk to you!!

We do make appointments by phone for clients who have work started by us. No deposit necessary!! Just call and schedule your next session.


It is necessary to speak to an artist to schedule an initial appointment, but don't worry... We take Walk-Ins when we can. Just call us ahead of time to see what we have open for the day.


Normally a consultation is required to schedule your first appointment and to have a design commissioned. This consultation helps our artists to get inside your head and really bring out all the symbolism and design aspects that make your tattoo dynamic and unique. It is also an opportunity to work one-on-one with your artist in the design process.

We also recommend that you look at portfolios!! Not just at our studio, but at other studios you might want to tattoo you... Its the #1 way to avoid getting a tattoo you won't like!! ...and remember:

A Good Tattoo Isn't Cheap, And A Cheap Tattoo Isn't Good!!


Things to bring to your consultation:

  • Pictures (cellphone pics, printed pics, artwork, etc)

  • Ideas & questions for your artist

  • Dates and times you are available to get the tattoo

  • $50 Deposit

  • Date and time for scheduling your appointment

  • A good attitude
  • An open mind

Why choose Oasis?

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The owner of Oasis Tattoo Company, Jamie Edwards, takes pride in his work and strives to be the best at his craft. Jamie is by appointment only and contact info, bio, gallery of tattoo art, portfolio, and details about him can be found by clicking the button below...

Oasis Tattoo Company

Tattoo Shop in Dayton, Ohio

Making an appointment

Dorian Oasis Tattoo Company Dayton Ohio 45431
Oasis Tattoo Company Dayton Oh

Call us at noon for Walk-In availability and same day appointments.

(937) 660-7344

(937) 660-7344

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