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Jess Brock

Oasis Tattoo Company

(937) 660-7344

445 woodman drive   Dayton, ohio 45431

Hello, I'm Jess. I'm 22 years old and born in Dayton. I love art, coffee, and all my pets. I've been drawing and painting since I was very young. I always had an interest in nature, animals, bones, and anything mythical. I began drawing as a child referencing cartoons and Disney films, my favorites starting out were Pokemon and The Lion King, but eventually started exploring many other styles and forms of media. I really enjoy drawing animals, strange creatures, flowers, skulls, and random designs.

I've taken several Graphic Design classes that have taught me a lot of things that I can easily apply to my designs. My dad was one of my biggest influences in becoming an artist at a young age, and sharing a lot of his knowledge with me. I have always had an interest in the art of tattooing, but never expected to do it. I tried out some of the different styles enough to create a portfolio. I decided to go for it. With the support from family and friends I was able to come across this opportunity and I am very excited to begin living out a dream of mine. I am hoping to begin apprentice tattoos by Fall, and I am currently taking names and information for potential clients. 

Tattoo Artist