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Art has always been important to me. As a youth, I did many illustrative designs with pencil, then moved into graffiti art when I was out of high school. Graffiti led to fine art, and fine art led to tattooing, which I've been doing for ten years now. 


I started working in tattoo shops in Indianapolis with tattoo artist St. Marq. Some of you may recognize his name from Spike's Ink Master. After about a year, I came back to do tattoos in Dayton, my home, and worked a couple of local tattoo shops until I landed a job at Oasis Tattoo Company. Working with talented artists along the way has been a blessing, as well as making a few friends along the way.

​When it comes to designing your next tattoo, my aim is to help you develop your idea into a piece of art that compliments your body image. I enjoy doing most tattooing styles, and specialize in both Colorwork and Black & Grey. The only style I'm not interested in doing is Americana Traditional style, but do enjoy Neo-Traditional Tattoos that incorporate modern style into the imagery. I am happy to work with you on any Cover-Up tattoo you might want to do, but I ask that you have a few different ideas ready for me to work with and consider options. Cover-ups require a bit more care than tattoos going on fresh skin. We will have to plan it out properly. It's also good to have an open mind when it comes to the overall cover-up design. I derive artistic inspiration from designing your tattoo and consider it a collaboration between Artist and Client.

To set up a consultation, please contact me at the email address below or come to Oasis during business hours. I am here Tuesday through Saturday from noon until 8.

​...thank you for checking me out! Looking forward to meeting with you soon.

Mike VESH Hayes

(937) 660-7344

445 woodman drive   Dayton, ohio 45431

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Mike VESH Hayes - Oasis Tattoo Company in Dayton Ohio. Photo by Edwards Photography Ohio 2016
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